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Community Guidelines

Disrespectful or inappropriate behavior may result in a warning, suspension, or ban from posting.

The Rules:

  • No personal attacks or insults against other users.
  • No hate speech. No attacks on groups of people based on their skin color, perceived nationality, religion, sexual orientation, or any group generally considered to be a protected class.
  • No spamming. This includes posting comments under in discussion threads which are completely unrelated to what you are commenting about.
  • No posting personal information. Contact information to the offices of public figures is OK, home addresses are not.
  • No nudity or explicit sexual content.
  • No trolling. Moderators will use their personal discretion to determine what constitutes trolling, and take will action against the accounts involved in any toxic behavior.
  • No profanity.

Threats of violence or illegal content may result in an immediate ban and be forwarded to law enforcement for investigation.


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